Calling All Grandparents

Help us Change the World

Buying one book may not change the world, but it could change the world of two people…the giver and the receiver. So let’s change the world one book at a time.

“Mahalo Doesn’t Mean Trash is beautifully written with love shown on every page.  Not only is there the learning experience of Thank You…but also of respect and patience for others.  We may not always understand what someone is trying to say until we sit and actually listen.”

Mary J Insley

Mamaw (Southern for Grandma), To Three Grandchildren

Mary's Story

  The greatest gift to a Grandparent is Grandchildren.  I recently moved to the state/city where my youngest grandchildren are located which has allowed me to be with them often.

  Children being children, a gentle reminder to say thank you, be respectable and be patient are in motion by not only their parents but me.  Seeing their minds digest the reminder and immediately respond shows growth and makes me so proud of who they are becoming.

This guidance from not only me but their parents lays the foundation for success. This book couldn’t be more timely for this Mamaw

Grandparents, Teach Gratitude to Your Grandchildren

One of the best gifts you can give your grandchild isn’t something you can wrap physically. You can help to instill a strong sense of gratitude in them with your words and actions, which can help the child see how much good is in their life.

Growing up, I always envied my friends who had grandparents, especially the ones who come to our games, brought us all food and just showed so much love. I have always wanted that for my own children. Luckily, my children have wonderful grandparents who love and support them…and spoil them.

Grandparents have a meaningful effect on their family when they teach, share their creativity and help give voice to their grandchildren’s passions.

As a parent, I’m worried how my children are doing in math, history and language. Grandparents worry how their freshman grandchild was making friends, or how she felt about the pressure of transitioning to high school.

I cannot begin to express enough gratitude to my parents for all they have given my children and it is my hope and prayer that I can be as loving and giving as they have been with my children. I can see the power of grandparents many times over and linking together, teaching the next generation. You are the link to the past as you help shape the future. 

‘A’ohe pau ka ‘ike i ka hālau ho’okahi.

All knowledge is not learned in just one school.

Meaning: One can learn from many sources.

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