Mahalo means “thank you” and this is a great way to show (and teach) our children gratitude.

relax in Art

This is a coloring book for adults with Hawaiian Mandala patterns. Wonderful and relaxing patterns will allow you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and plunge into the land of peace and relaxation.

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude can have a significant positive influence on our physical and mental health, but like other healthy habits, even though we know it’s good for us, we often struggle to practice it consistently.

Other books

Ask Your Ohana (Family)

Geneology and family connection are so important to us. We also feel that ohana (family) can be from blood or aloha.

Create a lasting memory that will be loved by future generations.

Ask Your Ohana is place for your ohana to give you their unique life story while also establishing a beloved legacy that you can return to time and again. 

The thought-provoking questions are organized into categories to capture memories, experiences, favorite moments and thoughts. This simple guided journal helps you capture their life experience.

Once completed, this present will become a valuable treasure and personal keepsake of your family’s most significant experiences, tales and life lessons that may be passed down to your children and loved by future generations to come. 

Letters Not Lickings (Love)

Letters Not Lickings is a different way to discipline your children. When they act up, instead of giving them spankings, make them sit down and write a thank you letter or any letter to their future or past self or someone about how they can be better.

Growing up in Hawaii, spanking you children was a part of life. That adage “it takes a village to raise a child” was part of that life. If you acted up at a party, your aunties or uncles could give you cracks. If you were in a grocery store, don’t act up cause someone could give you cracks.

Imagine how many wonderful letters your most rotten child will have when they are older. What a blessing. Lol 

Con Bowl Book Cover

ConBowl (Family)

As Suge Knight says, “In prison, you get the chance to see who really loves you.” 

T was the #1 football high school recruit out of Hawaii until a motorcycle accident almost cut off his hand. This sent his life into despair.

Years later, a call comes for him to try out for a small college in the mainland and on his recruitment trip, a bar fight lands him in jail. It looks like a long road until the warden tells him he can get out if he helps the jail’s football team win ConBowl, a prison football league where winning is all that matters. 

His older brothers find out and they do what all Polynesians would do to help their family…they break into prison to help him win ConBowl.




---Coming Soon---

We have our 2nd and 3rd books in the MAHALOHANA Series with the editors right now and hope to have Aloha our soon and then Ohana shortly thereafter. It’s coming, we promise.

That’s Right, We Going Be On TV

America’s Next Great Author

Hosted by New York Times best-selling author Kwame Alexander, the initial show will be filmed in October, with contestants pitching their book idea to a panel of judges in front of a live audience.

Filming will take place Oct. 30 in Newark, New Jersey — just “minutes from the capital of publishing


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